What I am working on

I always have a project or two on my plate.

From developing websites, to creating videogames. I work on a lot of very different projects. I am still working on filling in more details in this page, so stay tuned!

Game Development

Games has always fascinated me, and has been an active part of my life for as long as I can remember. They not only provide a source of entertainment and relaxation, but also an outlet for creativity and critical thinking. When I site down to play a game, I strive to udnerstand how the game works.

It's a personal goal of mine to develop my own video games. I am currently in the process of learning the tools and process behind game development, which includes.

What I Have Created

You can always any game that I created in this section here. I am no artist, so all of the games you see use publicly available assets. These games are optimized for mouse and keyboard only.

Lazer Defender!

A simple two-dimensional fixed shooter, where you fight off waves of enemy ships.

How long can you survive?

Play me!