My specialties

What do I have to offer?

Applicaiton developer, electrical engineer and a quick learner.


I was very lucky to attend an amazing engineering school, the Milwaukee School of Engineering. MSOE's enginering programs specializes in hands-on curriculum with an average of 600 hours of labwork for an undergraduate degree.

  • Bachelors of Science, Electrical Engineering
  • Graduated May, 2012


My Current Position

I currently work for CBRE|ESI as an application development engineer, and have held this position from May 2014. My main goal is to program and develop applications that integrate with building automation systems in an effort to save customers money.

  • Designed a custom data integration process that integrates and models over 10,000 data points into a SkySpark (a building analytics software).
  • Managed three programming libraries, containing over 1,000 functions. This helps customers and engineers identify faults and issues with HVAC equipment.
  • Designed data visualization dashboards, that are used to aggregate building data and energy savings about our corporate office.

My Previous Position

My first job out of college was as an application engineer for CBRE|ESI, which I held from April 2012 to May 2014. As an application engineer it was my job to program, troubleshoot, and startup HVAC equipment for commercial buildings.

  • I investigated HVAC hardware anamolies by verifying software programming and hardware wiring.
  • I acted as the subjet matter expoert for the Andover Continuum building automation system for my company.
  • I worked in a large variety of customer locations, from office buildings to mission critical environments.


I hold memberships in a number of professional organizations.

National Eagle Scout Association

Being an eagle scout is very important to me. Attending scouting events has helped me learn a lot of valuable lessions that helps me in my daily life.

  • I recieved my eagle scout membership in 2002, at the age of 15.
  • All eage scouts must organize, plan, and run what is called an "eagle scout project" that benefits the community around them. My project was a cleanup up of local lagoon. Among a pile of trash, we managed to pull up 4 bikes from the bottom of the lake using a rowboat and grappling hooks.

Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE has served as an invaluable source of professional networking. In my professional life, it helps me keep up with current trends in technology with the helps of the society memberships that I hold.

Triangle Fraternity

Triangle Fraternity is a social fraternity with membership reserved for scientists, engineers, and architects. During college, my fraternity helped me grow professionally, while staying involved my im community, industry, and school.

  • I served as the Vice President for my chapter for one year.


I am proficient in a number of technologies.

Programming Languages

  • HTML / CSS
  • Java
  • C#
  • C

Building Automation

I have experience with a number of different building automation systems.

  • Andover Continuum
  • Niagara AX

Data Analytics

I work with a platform called SkySpark that provides data analytical services for the building automation industry. Working with this platform allows me to perfrom a number of different tasks.

  • Designing Applications
  • Programming Analytical Rules
  • Developing Data Visulation Dashboards
  • Managing the integraiton and modeling of large amounts of data.

Computer & Networking

Working in my industry exposes me to a number of differnet computer technologies.

  • SQL Databases
  • RS-485 Communcation
  • Linux / Windows Servers